Multichannel Superior Access Port

Product Description



JACK is a Multichannel Superior Access Port that offers entirely new, smart features that go beyond existing products.


  • Ambient Light: JACK solves a long-standing problem – with LED lamps integrated directly in the inner ring, the abdominal area can be illuminated indirectly but effectively. A sensor regulates the temperature of the LED lamps.
  • More Room: Gas insufflation and extraction are carried out indirectly by JACK. They are also integrated in the inner ring, which ensures much better visibility and saves a great deal of space.
  • More Freedom of Movement: „Smart Sealing“ enables the port head to be turned without losing gas. The surgical instruments can be perfectly positioned using JACK’s head rotation.
  • Optional Insufflation Valve: Recommended for robotic surgery.
  • Controlled Instrument Guidance
  • JACK Wound Protection Film significantly reduces the risk of cancerous cell carry-over.
  • The Recovery of Large Resected Specimens is possible without a problem.




Incision size : Up to 5 cm

Valve configuration : 5mm,5mm,12mm,12mm



Incision size : 7 cm

Valve configuration : 5mm,5mm,12mm,12mm